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SBD Government PG College Sardarshahar (Churu)

The vision of our college is to impart quality education to students of this rural area of Rajasthan. Apart from imparting education, we endeavor to motivate the young generation to establish a social order based on moral and spiritual values. The college also aims at imparting futuristic education and instilling high standards of discipline among its students. Moreover it aims to foster scientific and rational temperament among its students and faculty members which will greatly benefit the whole human race.



Our mission is to promote the intellectual, moral, and physical development of students. The famous hymn at the Upanishad "Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamay" is incorporated in our college logo which well reflects the college's mission. It has always endeavored to drive away the darkness of ignorance and usher in the light of knowledge.

1. To provide affordable quality education to a broad cross-section without any distinction of caste or creed.

2. To inculcate skills among our students and staff to enable them to comply with their peers in this competitive era.

3. To cater to the infrastructural needs of the students by ensuring the active participation of all stakeholders of society.

4. To instill a strong sense of discipline and respect among our staff and students so that they create a friendly work culture that accommodates cooperation and mutual understanding.

5. To prepare our students for taking up real-life challenges.

6. To encourage the use of ICT in the teaching-learning process.

7. To lay holistic development of student personality by ensuring their participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

8. To acquaint our staff and students with the problems, needs, and aspirations of the rural masses. 


Organisational Structure


Perspective Plan

The following section focuses on the institutional perspective plan:

1. Academic Programs:
  • To introduce and sustain a greater number of self- financing programs (PG in Commerce/Arts)
  • To introduce value added/ Career orientated programs (PG Diploma, Advanced diploma, Certificate Course, Interdisciplinary, and Innovation)
2. Teaching, Learning & Evaluation Plan:
  • Development of more smart class rooms.
  • Use of interactive panel in teaching and learning
  • Extensive use of online Teaching and Learning resources (INFLIBNET, MOOCS, SWAYAM, NPTEL, COURSERA)
  • Invite industry experts for motivating students and provide practical knowledge
  1. Digital Lab
  2. E- Learning (with INFLIBNET)
  3. Virtual Laboratories
  4. E-library
  5. Language Lab- A language lab to be set up with the aim to improve the communication skills of the students
  6. Maths' Problem-Solving Corner
3. Research and Innovation:
  • Organize activities under R & D Cell
  • Promote inter-disciplinary research
  • Promote of publication in indexed research journals
  • Motivate faculty members to have at least one major/minor project
  • Conduct NAAC sponsored Seminar and Workshops
  • Promote the ambience by incorporating research component in undergraduate programmes and encourage postgraduate students to pursue research projects.
4. Infrastructure development plan:
  • Computerization of Administration and library.
  • Enrichment of e-book and e- journals.
  • Development of incubation lab
  • Enhancement of internet Bandwidth every year.
  • Faster the service of Canteen


5. Sustainability:
  • E- Waste Management
  • Improve Rain Water Harvesting system
  • Introduce Vermi-Compost system
  • Workshop on Health- Management
  • Workshop on waste segregation
  • Program on Environment protection and sustainable development
  • Awareness programs to reduce the use of plastic
  • Program on water Literacy
  • Workshop on Disaster Management