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The Glorious City : Sardarshahar
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The Glorious City: Sardarshahar :

Historical Background
A tiny village named Rajiawas, in the erstwhile state of Bikaner, was picked up by His Highness Sir Ratan Singh to develop into a city after the name of his loving son Sardar Singh in 1890. The area was perhaps ruled by the Mohils of that time. A statue of Indrapal Mohil at the town side is a testimony to the fact .The area in the thick of Thar desert is characterized by huge mounds of sand and blowup of hot and cold winds in summers and winter respectively.

The important milestones in the development of the city:
(a) Facility of Rail service launched in 1916.
(b) Establishment of Ganga Golden Jubilee high school in 1937.
(c) Roadways bus depot in 1974.
(d) Beginning of SBBJ banking activities in 1938.
(e) Postal services in 1928.
(f) Foundation of college (Seth Budhmal Dugar College) in 1959.
(g) Public library in 1909.
(h) Mega highway in 2008.
Since its establishment, the town of Sardarsahar has been steadily developing into a prosperous city, though its progress was disrupted by the disastrous femine of 1899.
Presently it is a Tehsil headquarter and covers 210 villages with a population of more than one lakh people.

The salient features of the city and the area:

A. The city is famous for its architectural grandeur. Its white marble clock tower is remarkable for its architecture. Its height is 60 feet and the upper minarate is 30 feet high. Angloswiss watches from Switzerland are embedded on its four sides. The town is also famous for its architecture and wall painting. Ichchhapurna Balaji Temple at Ratangarh road is growing into a religious and tourist centre due to its architecture and design.

B. The area is rich in live stock and hence an important mandi of ghee, milk and milk products.

C. Political awareness and maturity of the area has its own reckoning. National level leaders like Shri Daulat Ram Saharan and Shri Chandan Mal Baid are the worthy sons of the soil.

D. Presence of its trading community known as the Marwaries in the metro cities of Kolkata, Banglore, Chennai, Delhi & Hyderabad has earned a reputation for the state of Rajasthan. the transactions of SBBJ is at no. 1 in the entire region. The city is a holy seat for almost all the leading religions. The Achrayas of sanatan Dharma and those of Jain dharma often organize their annual national level congregations here.

E. It is the only town in the entire region to have a private university providing all sorts of education up to the highest level. It is a fact that the place is beautiful and its people are lively. Truely it is an oasis in the heart of the Thar Desert.