Our  college intends to incorporate following theme – as  Vision and Mission of  the College .Before make it  for public and  for all other  stakeholders. All   the faculty members / Students  are requested to please go through these VISION and MISSION statements  and if  they feel that  any modification is required  – please provide your valuable suggestions. Intimate it with improvements to following signatory. These statements have to be included in Self Study Report to be submitted to NAAC, College Magazine, Displayed   at prominent places of  our College campus and also to be uploaded on college webpage allotted to us on  our departmental web portal (







Strong desire to impart inclusive quality higher education to deprived  population of this rural area of Rajasthan  and   motivate the young generation to establish a social order based on dignity of labor as well as moral and spiritual values.



1.To provide affordable , quality  education to wide cross- section without any distinction  of caste  or creed.

2.To inculcate skills among our students  and  staff  to enable them to compete with their counter parts in India and +abroad.

3.To instill a strong sense of discipline and respect among our  staff and students so that they create a congenial work culture that accommodates cooperation and mutual understanding .

4.To make our students employable in job market by conducting Skill Development programmers.

5.To develop the overall personality   of our students and instill the   requisite confidence and sense of morality in them to face life.

6.To encourage  use of ICT in teaching and learning  process.

7.To lay holistic development of students  personality by ensuring their participation in –co-curricular and extra-curricular activities,

8. To promote innovation, creativity and spirit of research among our students so that they strike a balance between their present learning and their would be careers in later life.

9.To acquaint our staff and students with problems , needs  and aspirations of the rural masses , so that an effective rural development ensured.