Co-Curricular Activities


The students of our college enthusiastically opt for N.C.C. (National Cadet Corps) Given below are the particulars of N.C.C. run by our college.
Name of Battalion - 7 Rajasthan Battalion N.C.C. Bikaner
No. of Platoon -1 (Senior Division)
No. of Cadets - 53
N.C.C. Officer - Major Sohan Lal , Associate NCC Officer


(a) Regular Parades
(ii) Study of Military history, Map reading and civil defence
(iii) Development of leadership qualities and skill of self management
(iv) Training in weapon handing and operation
(v) Development of spirit National integration and co-existence.

Special Activities

(1) The Republic Day Camp
(2) All India trekking camp
(3) National integration camp
(4) Combined training camp
(5) Annual Training Camp
(6) Thal sainik camp
(7) Army Attachment Camp

Special features

Following cadets participated in the Republic day camp in New Delhi. They are -

  1.  SUO- Ajay Kumar Saran
  2.  SUO- Manoj Kumar Bhat
  3.  SUO- Rohit Kumar Swami
  4.  SUO- Mahaveer Singh Sunda
  5.  SUO- Jai Prakash Siddh
  6.  Sgt. - Jaita Devna
  7.  SUO Jaiveer Singh participated in the All India Thal Sainik Camp held in New Delhi.

N.S.S. is a forum of student's to inculcate their faith in national integrity & service. Since its enception to present day it has accomplished various tasks of social interest. The object of N.S.S. is to induce the feeling of patriotism and social service in the students and to make them capable citizens. To renovate the programme, national integrity, AIDS awareness, literacy programme, woman empowerment, nation and state development programmes are assimilated with N.S.S. programmes. By joining N.S.S. students become aware about these programmes and can become responsible citizens. Students have to devote 240 hours annually in regular activities of N.S.S. In these activities debate, quiz competiton, extempore speech etc. are organized. Excellent performers are rewarded at national and state levels. There are 2 units of N.S.S. in the college. 216 students are registered in these units. Unit I & II Programme Officers are Shri Bhawani Shankar and Shri L.C.Meena.

To encourage the virtues of love of Nature, self reliance humanity etc. Rover Scout programme is also being run in the college. Students participate in rover camps, adventure camps, social services, tours etc. Rovers Leader Shri K.K.Joshi and Rangers Leader Dr. Sunita Meena

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Sports are very important in life. In the college there are facilities of Football, Hockey, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, Kabaddhi Basket Ball, Wrestling etc. Games are organized by sports committee. Capable students participate in inter college tournaments.

Nature Club
To spread the awareness for nature among students a nature club is being run under the guidance of Shri A.C.Kumawat