1. Transfer Certificate: To get T.C. the student has to deposit 2/- rupees and get the receipt.

2. Character Certificate: By depositing 5/- rupees in the prescribed Performa the student can get the C.C. Once issued the C.C. is generally not issued before a period of six month.

3. Duplicate Identity Card : To get the duplicate I.D. Card 15/- Rupees is to be deposited along with an affidavit that effect.

4. Returning Caution Money: To get the caution money student has to apply in the prescribed Performa within 3 years of leaving the college. Otherwise the money will be transferred to the student's fund.

1. Degrees, Mark Sheets, Enrolment Numbers may be obtained from academic cell.

2. Original documents, in case of not getting admission can be obtained from academic cell within three months.